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2017 cityFEST (formerly Foster City Arts & Wine Festival)

Saturday, June 3, 2017 - Sunday, June 4, 2017 (11am - 7pm)
Shell Blvd Foster City - Shell Blvd at E. Hillsdale, Foster City, CA, 94404
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If this is your first application in 2017, please see 2017 Festival Productions Annual Application Processing Fee listed above.

The traditional “art & wine” festival has continued in Northern California cities for over 40 years. The same artist booths, food vendors, sponsor booths, beer, wine, and music appear on the same street each year in cities throughout the bay area with little distinction between neighboring cities.

 In 2016, the Foster City Art & Wine Festival broke the routine and urbanized this successful event with a new name (CityFEST) and unique new features.  Capitalizing on the increasing popularity of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) emphasis in school curriculums and the general community, the Foster City Chamber of Commerce incorporated the theme into the event.  Areas of the event site were turned into huge interactive classrooms where attendees and whole families learned how STEAM is everywhere around us!! The results were amazing. Fair goers loved the new format. The chamber is committed to developing the theme even further and expanding the advertising and promotion to a larger geographical area.

For 2017, the Chamber is asking artists to take advantage of the theme and incorporate the STEAM theme into their booth activity. How does this apply to you as an artist, nonprofit organization, or food vendor?  It’s easy. Here are some examples.

 Jewelers – Most of your materials come from the earth. A display describing where the material comes from, how it is mined, what processes your supplier or you performed in refining the material, and the techniques and processes you used to create the finished piece.

 Apparel – If you are using natural materials, show the raw materials.  No live sheep please. A simple display showing how the process of converting the material by spinning and looming along with printing or dying would also fit the requirement. For synthetic fabrics, were they made from plastic soda bottles? Describe the process!

 Food – If you cook, you combine and cook raw materials. Definitely science. Portion control?? Then you use math.

 STEAM is all around you, but if you need assistance with the theme, send us an email, and we will be happy to assist in creating your presentation. BONUS:  If you are interested in creating a STEAM display, we will provide free half and full spaces to devote to the display. Just submit your proposal.

The CityFEST takes place along Shell Blvd. Booths are set up on asphalt and may be left up over night. Friday evening setup available. Security is provided on Saturday evening only. 

ON GOING JURY DATES:  March 1, April 1, and May 1. Please note that either a category or the entire show could close prior to a scheduled jury date. Artists should apply early to avoid getting a category full response to their late application.

Standard Space Fees: Arts & Crafts - $275    Commercial - $400    Gov't or Nonprofit 501(c)(3) only - $305    Food - $500 
Chamber Members Space Fees:                      Commercial - $305    Gov't or Nonprofit 501(c)(3) only - $200    Food - $400   
Booth rental: $265 (not required if you bring your own equipment)