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If your fee involves paying a commission, you will be given a commission envelope on Sunday afternoon. Commissions are calculated on the total sales you make, excluding sales tax. Commissions must be paid at the end of the show by cash or check only. FP cannot process credit card charges from the event site. For the Saratoga Rotary Art Show, the Rotary Club can process credit card charges for commission payments.


Festival Productions does not maintain a central check in location. Block captains are assigned sections of the show to provide assistance. We do not require vendors to check in prior to setting up. For the Saratoga Rotary Art Show, there will be a general information booth that will also serve as a point of contact for artists.


Space assignments, set instructions, and a site map are posted to your account page on the FP website on the Monday before the weekend of the event. FP does NOT send out space assignments, set up instructions, or a site map via email or snail mail. In order to obtain this information, please log into your account.


All spaces are 10’ wide x 10’ deep and will be marked on the ground.  Each space will also be labeled with a number. Specific characteristics about spaces (pavement, grass, flat, slight slope, etc.) are contained in the specific event description on the home page or in the set up instructions posted on the website one week before each event. The space or area you are authorized to use is 10’ wide, 10’ deep, and approximately 15’ tall to allow for booth or canopy peaks.  Site maps are generalrepresentations of where spaces will be placed. They do not create any rights to a particular booth configuration, including whether a space provides a corner. The only way to be assured a corner space is to apply for a Guaranteed Corner space.

Spaces (and space fees) do not include booths, canopies, display racks, chairs, etc. In most cases, you can rent a booth or canopy, table, and chairs as an option on the event application.


A guaranteed corner space is a 5’ W x 10’ D space located adjacent to your booth that allows the festival audience to walk around the side of your booth. The space may not be used for any other purpose than allowing potential clients to view your booth from the side. In almost all cases, a guaranteed corner space (5’ W x 10’ D) with be assigned next to another guaranteed corner space (5’ W x 10’ D) making the total open space 10’ W x 10’ D. Please read and take note the restrictions on the use of your assigned 10’ W x 10’ D x 15’ H space.


Each vendor (arts & crafts, commercial, government, non-profit, food, and sponsor) has been accepted based on the sale of specific items and/or conducting specific activities within the assigned space as provided by the pictures submitted or the written description included in the application. The sale of any other items or activities not included in the description is specifically prohibited. Some specific examples include:

   •   For the sale of an item not included in the pictures and description submitted, the most common situation is the sale of            jewelry of any type in a booth that was accepted in another category. For example, a woman’s clothing booth may also offer jewelry. The sale of jewelry in a booth that has applied and been accepted in another category is prohibited.

   •  The distribution of product samples, food, snacks, candy, water, and/or beverage samples (including free samples) is specifically prohibited, unless you are an authorized food vendor or food sampler approved by Festival Productions and have obtained a permit from the environmental health department who has jurisdiction over the event site.

   •  Fee or free face painting from any type of vendor space is prohibited.

   •  Use also includes any activity contained within the space area that results in causing a gathering of people outside the space that impacts traffic flow to adjacent vendors.


Any use of the space beyond the assigned area is strictly prohibited without authorization from Festival Productions. Use includes, but is not limited to the following:

               •   use of shade awnings and booth extensions,

               •   signage and banners,

               •   display shelves, racks, tables, merchandise,

               •   sounds of any type (including music, any type of speaking, yelling, barking, or otherwise attracting or contacting        

                   potential customers using sound. No amplified (megaphone, amplifier, speakers) sounds are permitted in vendor    


               •  smells or scents (including perfumes, scented candles, incense, food, etc.),

               •  Vendor staff may not encroach into the public space (go beyond the authorized space) to contact fairgoers or      

                  distribute literature.



None of the event sites have access to water. In very limited cases, vendors may get access to water by special request. Please submit your request in writing by email to Festival Productions.

Generally, there is no access to electricity. Vendors requiring electricity may submit a written request to Festival Productions for authorization to use a generator. If permission is granted, it must be in writing and conform to the following restrictions:

must be quiet and not smell of exhaust. If you could conduct business within your booth with the generator located inside the booth, then it is likely you will be permitted to use the generator.

generator must be located outside the booth structure. Note that some fire districts require up to 20’ of clearance between the generator and any structure.

a 2A10BC type fire extinguisher with a current inspection tag must be within the space.

no storage of fuel of any type on the event site.

no refueling on the event site or within 20 feet of any structure. When refueling, the generator must be cool enough so as NOT to ignite the gas vapors created during refueling. The fire extinguisher must be present at the refueling site.

If the generator is not a fully enclosed unit like the Honda Super Quiet generators, the unit must be blocked so that the public cannot gain access to the unit.

Extension cords must be of adequate size (gauge) and capacity to handle the load for the equipment being powered. Extension cords cannot be laid out in such away as to create a trip hazard. Extension cords may not be taped to the ground. Proper ramping over the cords is required for ground distribution. Otherwise, extension cords must be a minimum of 8’ over pedestrian walkways and 14’ over vehicle pathways.  Note that some fire districts require up to 20’ of clearance between the generator and any structure.

If you are using any of the Honda Super Quiet generators, most of these requirements will be met. Please view the Youtube video describing the features of the Honda Super Quiet line of generators.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIxtz2IefqU


Unless specifically indicated in the event description, there is no security provided when the event is closed. Even when security is provided, it is generally not adequate to prevent vandalism and theft given the size and layout of each event. Vendors assume all risk of loss regardless of whether security is provided or not. Festival Productions and the event sponsor are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.