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As a new applicant, you will need to create an account the first time you apply for an event. In the future, you will use the EXISTING VENDOR LOGIN section on the FP Homepage to log into your account and apply for additional events and change your account information. The FP system requires you to log into your account in order to get information about the status of your application and if accepted, all information regarding space assignment, site map, and set up instructions. You will receive an email notification each time we update your status.

The on line application form will ask for basic information about your business or organization. You will also be asked to provide specific information depending on what vendor type you qualify for. Here are the vendor types and the information you will need to have ready when you start to fill out the online application.


Vendor Type                                                         Description and Information Needed

Arts & Crafts            If you create unique, one of a kind, hand crafted items (textiles, clothing, sculpture, jewelry, etc. or original paintings, photography, digital art,                 including matted limited quantity reproductions, etc.), you are considered an arts and crafts vendor. This category also includes vendors that produce and sell food items that are not main entrees prepared for consumption during the event.  

         •          a 75 word description of your work

         •          four high resolution (300 dpi) images of your work

         •          one image of your display

         •          a State Board of Equalization sellers permit


Commercial              Commercial vendors sell items that are mass-produced or provide professional services. In all events, the type and number of commercial vendors are restricted in both type of items provided and the number of available spaces.

         •          a 75 word description of all activity you plan on conducting in your space.

         •          one image of your display

         •          if you plan on selling items, a State Board of Equalization sellers permit (Resale number).

Non-Profit                 Organizations that are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) may apply under the Gov’t/NP category. Non-profit organizations may not sell any products from the booth. Additionally, any activity other than handing out literature about the organization must be approved in writing. In the case of the Pacific Coast Fog Festival, Pacifica based community groups are not required to be a 501(c)(3).

         •          a 75 word description of all activity you plan on conducting in your space.

         •          a jpg formatted copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) letter

         •          one image of your display

Food                           Food service organizations that prepare entrée type food items for fair goers to eat that the festival.

         •          a 75 word description of all activity you plan on conducting in your space. Please specify the exact cooking equipment you will use, and how it will be powered. For example, grill powered by charcoal or propane.

         •          a jpg formatted copy of your menu

         •          one image of your booth

Sponsor                     Businesses and other entities that have contracted with the producing event sponsor for inclusion in the publicity and advertising of the event. Sponsors are requested to provide basic contact information including contact person, email address, contact phone number, and cell number. No payment of any sponsorship fee is made to Festival Productions.


Once you click on the NEW APPLICANTS APPLY ON LINE, you will be directed to the on line application. Follow the instructions below to apply for any of our events.


Step 1:           You should be on the USER APPLICATION page. Read the information contained under TERMS and CONDITIONS. Click the box in the lower left hand corner of the page and then click NEXT.

Step 2:           Fill out all the information requested on the page. You will need to select a category. The available categories are:

        2D Mixed Media - includes collage and handmade paper, incorporates more than one type of material, has depth relief, normally would by exhibited framed,         and displayed on a wall.

        3D Mixed Media – See Sculpture.

        Apparel - any fiber item that is wearable including hats, jackets, shawls, tees, etc.

        Ceramics – See Functional or Sculpture.

        Commercial - See Commercial under Vendor Type above.

        Drawing - pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastels, etc.

        Fiber – See Functional, Sculpture, or Apparel.

        Food – Entrée items heated or chilled, prepared, and/or assembled on site.

        Food Sampler - Snack items not prepared on site and sold prepackaged.

        Functional - originally created ceramic (bowls vases, pots), glass (vases, bowls), wood (cutting boards, bowls, furniture), fiber (potholders, table runners, and any non-wearable textile item), candles, soaps, etc. made individually by the artist.

        Government/Non-Profit - See Government & Non-Profit under Vendor Type above.

        Jewelry - Beads, Original work in Gold/Silver, other. 

        Miscellaneous - Work that does not fit into one of the other categories.

        Paintings - Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, other.


Photography (PHOT)

Prints made from the artist’s original and processed under the artist’s supervision, signed, and numbered. A limited number of note cards and other functional items displaying the original image are allowed in this category.


Printmaking (PRNT)



Sculpture (SCUL)

three dimensional original work created in any medium including glass, ceramic, metal, wood, fiber, etc. Sculpture may consist of more than one medium.


Woodwork – See Functional art (FUNC) or Sculpture   (SCUL).


Click NEXT.


Step 3:           The first event you see at the top of the page is the Annual Application Processing Fee. All vendors, in all categories, except event sponsors are required to sign up and pay this annual fee. The processing fee allows you to apply for as many events as you wish within the calendar year. You select the Processing Fee event by checking the box to the left of the event title. Be sure the “number of spaces” box is set to “1” regardless of how many spaces you might be applying for in other events. Please note, if you are mailing in a check for the application processing fee, your application will not be processed until the payment is received by Festival Productions.


Next, select the event or events you wish to apply for by clicking in the box to the right of the event title. Read all the information contained in the description of the event. Select the number of spaces you want. If you will bring your own tent, canopy, or booth, please check the PROVIDE MY OWN EQUIPMENT button. Otherwise, the system will automatically order and charge you a rental booth. Click NEXT.


Step 4:           You should now be on the Upload Images page. This is the most important page of the application. Depending on your category, you will need to have high-resolution (300 dpi or larger) images of your work (four for arts and crafts or one display set up for other categories) in jpg format on your computer at the time you apply. Each image file can be up to 2 MB in size.


                        To repeat, all images must be high resolution (300 dpi or larger) and must be in the jpg format. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, please contact the person that took the original digital images of your work. Low-resolution images will appear blurred when viewed by the jurors reducing your chances of being accepted. The system will reject any image that is not in the jpg format.


                        The images you upload should reflect the broad range of items contained in your booth. If your artwork varies significantly in price, you should upload images that show the different price ranges.


                        To upload images, click on the CHOOSE FILE button for Product 1. Select the image you wish to appear in the program guide. Now fill in the information requested for the image. Repeat for Product 2, 3, 4, and BOOTH. Once you upload your images, they will be locked and cannot be changed without authorization from Festival Productions.


                        Once you upload the images and fill out the required information for each image, click NEXT.


                        You are now on the PAYMENT INFORMATION page. You will not be able to pay for the processing fee or the event fee, until your application has been reviewed by the selection team. Once you have been approved, your event status will be changed from PENDING to ACCEPTED. The website will send you an email notice requesting you to log into your account. You may now pay the fee for the application processing and any events you have been approved for.


Step 5:           The PAYMENT INFORMATION page gives you two options for payment. CREDIT CARD (VISA or Mastercard only) or CHECK. Select one by clicking on the button. Click NEXT.


                        If you select CREDIT CARD, fill in the required information and click NEXT. Please note, there is a 3% convenience fee added to all amounts charged.


If you select CHECK, write down the mailing address for Festival Productions (You have 10 days to send in the payment.) and click NEXT. Please note that if you are applying within 14 days of the event, Festival Productions will require payment by credit card, cashier’s check, or postal money order only. No personal, company, or organization checks will be accepted.


Step 6:           Review all the information on the PLACE ORDER page to be sure it is correct. If all of the information is accurate and the charges are correct, then click on the PLACE ORDER icon. If you wish to change any information, click on the EDIT link contained in each boxed section. Edit the information and then click on the PLACE ORDER icon.




Once you place the order, you have the option to print the confirmation. If you selected   and require a hard copy billing document or you paid by credit card and need a receipt for your payment, please print a copy of the confirmation.


If Festival Productions has received your application, you will receive an email confirmation shortly after you apply. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please email Festival Productions at once.


To access your account and to apply for events in the future, use the EXISTING VENDOR LOG IN link on the FP home page. Do not set up a new artist account.



If you wish to apply for a show, go to the FP website, click on the EXISTING VENDOR LOG IN, and click on the APPLY FOR AN EVENT link on the right side of your account page.




Once you submit an application for an event, the selection team checks the application for completeness.


            •          Did you pay the annual $25 application processing fee?

            •          Is this a duplicate vendor account?

            •          Is all the required contact information provided?

            •          If any products are being sold, was a resale number provided?

            •          Did the vendor meet all the submission requirements for the category?


Incomplete applications will not be processed. If your application is incomplete, you will receive an email notification within 72 hours of your application date indicating that your application status has changed. The notice will direct you to log into your account. You should log into your account using the EXISTING VENDOR LOGIN button on the home page. Check your status for any event by looking at the listings under the MY EVENTS section located on the right side of the page. A status might be APPLICATION INCOMPLETE – NO IMAGES.

If your application is incomplete, you will have five days to correct the condition. If you are not able to correct the condition in five days, please contact us at once. Your application will automatically cancelled if the condition is not corrected within the five day time period.


The Jury Process – Festival Productions events

All images and descriptions submitted must be consistent with the work you will be exhibiting at the event. You will be asked to remove items that have not appeared in images you submitted for jurying. Each event uses a different criteria for selecting artists based on the attendance and demographic profile of the attendees where the show is held.   Additionally, the overall number of accepted artists in a particular category is calculated as a percentage of the total number of artists (in all categories) in the show and this may impact the number of artists that can be accepted.


Artists are selected based on quality of workmanship, originality, and artist concept by a jury team. Only art that has been handcrafted by the artist can exhibit in the event. A maximum number of prints (450 signed and numbered) or three-dimensional items produced from a common mold (50 total) are allowed to be exhibited and offered for sale. All applications within a particular category are judged all at once. The judges are not aware of the name of the artist. Please note that all images submitted must have dimensions, a brief description, and pricing filled in.



JURY RESULTS – All events

If you are accepted, you will receive an email notification directing you to log back into your account to see your new status. Accepted artists have to a specific deadline date (if listed) OR 10 days from the date the application was accepted to pay the space fee on-line or to have the check arrive at the FP address. Once you have been accepted and paid your fees. Your status will be changed to COMPLETE. You will receive a notice on the Monday before the event directing you to log into your account to obtain your space number and download a site map and set-up instructions. Space assignments for the Saratoga Rotary Art Show will be posted to each artist account in early April.


If you were Waitlisted, it meant that your work was acceptable for the event, but at the present time, there were no available spaces.  Additional spaces can come available when a vendor cancels or the total number of accepted vendors in other categories increases. For example, if FP determines that a show can support only 1 candle maker for every 50 vendors booked and the total number of accepted artists was 100, then two candle vendors would be accepted and the balance waitlisted. If the total accepted vendors increased to 150 vendors, FP would go back and accept another candle maker that was previously waitlisted in the first round. If your status is Category Full, the category you applied in already has a large number of waitlisted artists, and there is no possibility you will be able to participate.


If your application was Declined for a specific event, your work did not fit the jury criteria for that particular event. It does not mean that you will be declined for all events.


If you have any questions regarding the application process or experience any difficulty in the application process, please contact Festival Productions by email at info@festivalproductions2.com for assistance.