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Welcome to the the Festival Productions online application website.

This site contains:

  • A complete listing of all events we are producing this season
  • A brief description of each event
  • A schedule of space fees for each event in a number of categories
  • General instructions that pertain to all events, such as space size, availability of electricity, etc.
  • How to apply for any of our events

Calendar of Events

Scroll down past the buttons to the EVENT CALENDAR section of this page to view the complete schedule of events and read a brief description of each event. To obtain additional information about each event, click on the GENERAL INFORMATION ALL FESTIVALS button below. If you still have questions regarding a specific event, please click on the CONTACT US button at the top of this page and send your question in via email.


How to Sign Up for an Event

This website allows you to apply for any of our events without the need to fill out a paper application, collect paper photos, or mail in a payment (You still have the option of sending in a check if you prefer that form of payment). Additionally, you can check the status of your application, receive your acceptance, get your space assignments, and download a site map all from the comfort of your home.

First Time Applicants

If this is your first time using our online application process, please start by thoroughly reading the description of the application process, the general instructions for all festivals, and the event description in the calendar section below. Just click on the HOW TO APPLY FOR AN EVENT and GENERAL INFORMATION ALL FESTIVALS buttons below. Once you have read all the instructions, you can click on the NEW APPLICANTS APPLY ONLINE button to fill out and submit an online application.

Applicants with existing vendor accounts

If you have applied for any of our events in the past, you should have a vendor account already set up. Type in your user name (email address) and enter your password.Then click on the LOGIN button to the right to gain access to your account page. If you do not remember your user name or password, DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT

If you create a new account, you will lose any priority status and all the previous event and space assignment history. To retrieve your access information, click on the FORGOT PASSWORD link.

If you are an existing vendor, please enter your authentication information below.
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2021 Festival Productions Annual Application Processing Fee
Thursday, December 31, 2020 - Friday, December 31, 2021 (10 - 5am)
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Each year, Festival Productions reviews all applications regardless of whether the vendor is a returning artist, commercial enterprise, non-profit organization, food vendor, or a first time applicant in any of these categories. Event sponsors are not required to have their information reviewed as these organizations have been screened by the hosting organization. 

In order to have your show application processed for any Festival Productions show, you must select this "event" by checking the box to the left of the application event selection page the first time you apply for an event. Be sure that the number of spaces requested is set to "1", because you only need to pay one application processing fee. The $25. application processing fee will automatically be added to your total space fee charges for the events you signed up for. This is a one time annual charge. If you wish to apply for other events at a later time in 2021, you will not be charged the application processing fee.

Do not apply for this application processing fee without applying for at least one event. You will not be charged the application processing fee until you are accepted into at least one show.


2021 49th Annual Castro Valley Fall Festival
Saturday, September 11, 2021 - Sunday, September 12, 2021 (10am - 5pm)
Castro Valley Blvd - Castro Valley Blvd at Redwood Rd., Castro Valley, CA, 94546
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If this is your first application in 2021, please see 2021 Annual Application Processing Fee listed above.

In compliance with Alameda County Health Department regulations, unvaccinated individuals are required to wear a mask and there is a recommendation to have a COVID - 19 test with negative results before participating in the event.

Come out and join us as we celebrate the 49th anniversary of this fair. The event takes place on Castro Valley Blvd. in front of the Shopping Center. This is the main shopping area in Castro Valley.  Advertising is good. Many locals attend this event due to the number of community service booths, local entertainment, and commercial booths containing chamber members. Lower and mid priced items sell best. The Fest does allow a limited number of vendors to sell import items.  Show hours are 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  Spaces are 10' x 10' and will be on the street and may be left up over Saturday night.  Security is provided. Fair hours are 10 am to 6 pm both days.  There is no water available on the event site, and portable generators are allowed after receiving written permission from Festival Productions at the time you apply for the event.

Sales Tax rate is: 9.25%

Applications that are not complete or the space fee has not been paid for at least 21 days before the event date will automatically be cancelled. A $25 LATE APPLICATION FEE will be assessed to reinstate any cancelled application that was not completed and paid for 21 days before the event. 

Space Fee: Arts & Crafts - $300   Commercial - $475 (Chamber $380)    Info/Nonprofit - $285 (Chamber $185)  Food - $575 (Chamber $475)

If you need to rent a walkin or counter booth, the charge is $310, includes 1 table and 2 chairs.  (not required if you bring your own equipment)

The following VENDOR ORIGINATED CANCELLATION POLICY will apply to all participants of the Fall Fest in the event you, as the vendor, wish to cancel your application. This policy does NOT apply to sponsors who deal directly with the Castro Valley/Eden Area Chamber of Commerce. If the Chamber must cancel the event, it will keep a portion of the space fee to cover the unavoidable expenses of the festival.

Cancellation Date                   Percentage of space fee refunded

 Before July 15th                                   Full Refund

July 15 – August 15th                                50%

August 16th to September 1st                     25%

After September 1st                                   10%